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Your support for Panoramic SETI holds immense value as we endeavor to enhance our capabilities in the realm of new discoveries. By contributing at any level, you become an integral part of our mission to create cutting-edge telescopes, develop advanced optics, craft detector boards, refine electronics, and even establish this unique observatory. The following is a range of donation levels that directly correspond to various tiers of equipment for PANOSETI, showcasing how your generosity translates into tangible progress for our program.

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$10 – A Pixel on the Sky

Every PANOSETI pixel is capable of capturing extensive sections of the night sky. A single pixel could essentially image a patch of sky that is nearly the size of the entire Moon.

$100 — Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cables serve as the conduit for communication between telescopes, enabling the achievement of nanosecond timing precision, equivalent to one billionth of a second.

$250 — Fresnel Lens

PANOSETI employs a distinctive telescope design utilizing Fresnel lenses, enabling it to observe expansive regions of the sky. Fresnel lenses enable us to achieve a wide field of view at a cost-effective price.

fresnel lens
detector electronic boards

$5,000 — Detector Electronics Boards

Every aspect of electronics and detector readout hardware and software has been meticulously custom-designed by our team, requiring more than three years of dedicated research and development.

$10,000 — Entire Electronics Module

The detector and electronics are housed within a mechanical assembly that easily integrates into each PANOSETI telescope. This assembly comprises a focus stage and shutter system, as shown by the top two shutter blades.


$25,000 — PANOSETI telescope

The telescope system features custom-designed mechanical housing that encompasses integrated optics and electronics.

$25,000+ — Observatory Construction

The ultimate aim of the Panoramic SETI program is to construct a substantial number, ranging from 10 to hundreds, of these telescopes. They will be operated within a state-of-the-art astronomical dome structure at an observatory site. With the observatory design and site now selected, our team is at the precipice of bringing this project to life in its entirety.

panoseti observatory
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